Blues-Infused Music


“While she reaches for the heavens in song she stands grounded in the muddy waters of the Delta. She is a modern classic, a rootsy skip in heels. She brings the South North. Her voice is the sound of New Orleans in the rain. She has an old soul in her young heart. Her eyes know loss but there is hope and affirmation whenever she sings.” ~ Will McGuirk

9Heather Luckhart has been performing throughout Ontario for nearly a decade. Her unique phrasing and soulful exuberance inspires and moves  listeners at every captivating performance. Luckhart injects her zest for life into her original material and her own renditions and arrangements of traditional and modern songs and her dedication and passion has brought her to Nashville, South Carolina, Florida and western Canada. Heather Luckhart is heavily involved in the folk and roots world, but also combines jazz and blues in her sound. This flavour is expressed through a variety of musical projects, including: The Lapdog Band, Jaymz Bee’s Royal Jelly Orchestra, The Heather Luckhart Collective, The Heather Luckhart & Ross MacIntyre Duo and many other configurations and guest appearances as an accompanying vocalist. She proves time and time again that music and art should be shared and her charming personality causes her fans to become friends instantly. A sincere talent in many genres, Luckhart is poised for big things in the near future!

“I owe so much to Glen Bensley. I will always do what I can to make him proud to have believed in me” ~ Heather Luckhart