Blues-Infused Music


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That’s right, folks!

Tony Quarrington & Heather Luckhart will be releasing a blues-infused album this year, featuring a combination of originals written by Luckhart as well as traditional and other selections made by the duo. Quarrington, JUNO Award Winning Producer, and Luckhart are co-producing the project. The work is being carried out with the aid of Marg Stowe, Canadian Blues Guitarist and Studio Engineer based in Toronto.

It is with great excitement that we share the news of this upcoming album. The sound is to be warm and simple, touching on genres ranging from folk to jazz. All with the essence of blues at heart.

Updates for ‘Heather Luckhart & Tony Quarrington, CLOSER‘ will be available on social media and at www.heatherluckhart.com and the album will be released in 2017. Stay connected for ongoing communication.