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"Too Tired"
The 2nd single
for release
August 16, 2022
Luckhart's upcoming album
will be released
late in 2022
on ZSAN Records

Singer-songwriter Heather Luckhart's upcoming album "Make It Through" is a strong musical debut from a rising female Canadian Blues Artist.


"Too Tired" is Luckhart's second single from her forthcoming LP, to be released in late 2022.


Luckhart isn't afraid to tell it like it is and sometimes people need to learn their own lessons. Whether exhausted by the endless pursuit of equality - or from one's own healing journey, this song is a tribute to personal growth. "You carry your load, and I'll carry mine" she pleads over a deliciously swampy minor groove. 


"Too Tired" features a blues rock drenched solo from legendary Canadian musician/producer Vezi Tayyeb and sprinkles of wurly throughout from pianist Attila Fias. The call and answer segments give a nod to live performances while flexing what Toronto's iconic studio Kensington Sound can do.

TOO TIRED (3:36)

M✓A✓P✓L✓, 62 bpm - Ab minor

FILE UNDER Blues, female singer-songwriter, swamp blues

SOUNDS LIKE/FOR FANS OF Bonnie Raitt, Suzan Tedeschi, Miss Emily, Jack White

Heather Luckhart: vocals, percussion

Vezi Tayyeb: guitar 

Attila Fias: synth bass, wurlitzer

Background Vox: Attila Fias, Vezi Tayyeb, George Koller, Alison Young, Heather Luckhart


Recorded and mixed by Vezi Tayyeb at Kensington Sound, Toronto, Canada, in 2022.

Produced by Vezi Tayyeb, Heather Luckhart and Eric St-Laurent

Music and lyrics by Heather Luckhart, © SOCAN 2022

Under exclusive license to Zsan Records

Photo by Mèlissa Calixtè

Luckhart's connection to the blues is one she has earned and she brings her life experiences and endurance into every musical moment. "Make It Through", to be released in late 2022, is a blues album with gospel, rock and jazz influences. A collection of ten original tracks and two arrangements of classic standards are all centred around perseverance and strength. Heather's music is vulnerable, but strong, a message of support to others and a call to action to herself. It's Luckhart's fiery spirit that has helped her Make It Through life's challenges and she is proud to share that spirit in this album, recorded despite many obstacles during the pandemic. 


Luckhart has a passion for community that is evident through her award-winning social media influencer status on Instagram [2021 People's Choice award winner, NOW Magazine's Best Account], her contributions to Canada Rocks Media and SEEROCKLIVE Magazine, and her monthly blues jam hosted at Mandy's Bistro in Toronto. Up until now she has achieved many musical collaborations, feature focused performances, and worked in mentorship programs with at risk youth. Welcome Luckhart to the centre stage as a solo recording artist rooted in the blues traditions.



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